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GorillaADZ® is the "ONLY" locally based Mobile LED Billboard Company serving the DFW Metroplex. We are capable of delivering high impact marketing campaigns at street level utilizing an effective rifle scope approach to hyperlocal marketing!

Our mobile LED billboard trucks are capable of pinpointing and targeting specific audiences by Nationality, Language, Age, Gender, Income, interest and GEO localities in ways that traditional static and digital billboards located on major highways will never be able to achieve for its advertisers.

Not only are our LED Digital billboards mobile, but they feature state of the art functionalities on 6mm high definition, high resolution digital billboard screens that are comparable to HDTV. Our mobile LED digital billboard trucks are constantly on the go from one high traffic location to another all day every day! We guarantee maximum exposure of your of your marketing and/or corporate branding campaign GORILLA style 7 days a week 365 days a year.

GorillaADZ® mobile LED billboard trucks are designed to go where other billboards can't....Period! LED Billboard trucks have a 97% "Ad Recall Rate" are seen by 96% of drivers & passengers while traveling in-traffic and are also read in entirety by 85% of all drivers & passengers that see the advertisers' message on our mobile billboard trucks.

If you want a High Impact marketing/advertising campaign that's GETS NOTICED and NEVER IGNORED!

Call GorillaADZ® today to get started!

Frisco PD 3

Consult with your account rep for more information. Call GorillaADZ® today so we can help you get started. (214) 725-1390

Don't take it from us...read it directly from the Experts!

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