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Mobile LED Billboard Trucks are the PERFECT SOLUTION for Property owners, Apartments complexes, Home builders and Professionals in the real-estate industry. Our HUGE billboard screens will highlight your offering to potential renters and home buyers like NO OTHER advertising medium available, why? Because your ads on our trucks GET NOTICED featuring your property only!! You will not be competing with other offers in the area!

Why advertise on websites that are convoluted with thousands of real estate ads that you must compete with and in most cases be un-noticed for several reason including Bad pictures, wrong keywords being entered into the search of the website among other factors.

We are specialist when it comes to profiling properties that get noticed immediately as our trucks drive in and around said properties on a daily basis.

If you are a Home Builder, Apartment Complex Manager, Residential or Commercial Real Estate Agency or a Real Estate Agent wanting to STAND OUT amongst competitors, then we are the answer for you.

Consult with your account rep for more information. Call GorillaADZ® today so we can help you get started. (214) 725-1390

Don't take it from us...read it directly from the Experts!

Click Here to download the Latest Nielsen Study on Billboard Advertising

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