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Are Retail Sales in a Slump?

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You're not alone! Many businesses are clumped together into crowded retail strip shopping centers with less than adequate storefront signage that can be seen or standout from the roadside as potential customers pass by your business daily because you are UN-NOTICED in the cluster of other surrounding businesses.

Just because your retail storefront is located among other retailers doesn't necessarily guarantee that your target audience will be among those who frequently visit the shopping center your business is located within, thus you MUST stand out in the crowd!

Mobile LED Billboards are your solution to this problem!! Mobile LED billboards have an immediate impact on retail sales by pushing your sales promos right in front of potential customers at street level eye view and within close proximity to your physical storefront location during high traffic times throughout day. Our LED billboard trucks can be parked directly in front of your business storefront or drive around constantly within close proximity of your business to create brand awareness in a hyperlocal marketing approach.


  • Retail Clothing Stores
  • Tire & Wheel Centers
  • Oil Change Centers
  • Department Stores
  • Patio Home & Garden Centers
  • Discount Outlet Centers

GET STARTED utilizing Mobile LED Billboard trucks to advertise your product or service to build brand awareness and promote sales & promos of your business.

Consult with your account rep for more information. Call GorillaADZ® today so we can help you get started. (214) 725-1390

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